The Allelopathy Books and International Allelopathy Foundation (IAF) has long term plans for the development of Allelopathy Worldwide. The plans for the near future are as under:
I. Translation of Non-English Allelopathy Books: To make literature available to English speaking scientists Worldwide, the Foundation has plans to translate and publish the important Books on Allelopathy from other languages to English. Already 3- Books given above were translated from German, Russian and Czech languages and Printed in English. Some more books will be translated and printed in English language. To make this Project successful, Volunteer Allelopathy Scientists are needed to translate such Books.
II. International Short Courses on Allelopathy (ISCA): Till now 5- ISCA courses have been organized in Italy, China, Tunisia. The Outlines of future ISCA Courses are ready. For further information contact Prof. S. S. Narwal, Co-ordinator, ISCA Courses at narwals2021@gmail.com.